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      About Dusty Hardman 

Dusty Hardman completing the 116 mile Route 40 Romp

from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean across Florida in March of 2014.  Photo credit:  Lauren Hadley

Virgil, Aeneid Roman epic poet (70 BC - 19 BC) 

Dusty Hardman practices what she preaches.  Her medications are optimized and she has a good relationship with her physician.  As a result, she is able to achieve her dreams of participating in endurance events.  No matter what your dream is, you can achieve it too.

Throughout her first thirty years, Ms. Hardman's heath was not optimal.  She suffered from frequent upper respiratory infections, an unnecessary appendectomy and frequent bouts of unexplained fatigue so debilitating that she spent most of her college years going to bed early.

After the birth of her son in 1994, her health grew progressively worse as did the fatigue.  By 2001, she was desperate, suffering from pneumonia and exhausted by the prescribed mental therapy that would help her "depression". Misdiagnosed by a local Physician's Assistant as "healthy" and offered antidepressants by a local internist, she turned to the University of Utah Endocrinology department.  U of U asked her if she was "one of those people who find things on the internet?"  At this point ,Ms. Hardman knew she was the only person she could count on.

Ms. Hardman spent months compiling lab results and sorting through medical studies.  She wrote a fifteen page paper with eighty five pages of documentation and presented it to her General Practitioner.  He read the paper and studies and concurred with Ms. Hardman's suspicions of adrenal insufficiency.  She was offered lifesaving treatment in November of 2001.

By 2004, Ms. Hardman's health was so much improved that she began running.  By continuing to work with her physician, study and optimize her medications, she went from running a half marathon race in 2005 to a full trail marathon in 2006 and her first 50 mile race and Ironman distance triathlon in August of 2007.  Her first 100 mile race was in 2009.  Marathon des Sables in 2010 was her first stage race and was 155 miles through the Sahara Desert.  She participated in the Barkley Marathons and  completed the 314 mile Vol State Road race in 2012.  In December of 2013, she completed her second 100 mile race, Ancient Oaks, with an eight hour improvement over her initial personal best for a 100 mile distance.  In March of 2014, she ran 116 miles across the state of Florida.  She once again bested her 100 mile PR by 1.5 hours.

Adrenal insufficiency forums have been vital in helping Ms. Hardman gain the knowledge she needed to guide her research.  She participated in two, now defunct, forums called Healing Light and Hope Oasis.  When Hope Oasis shut down in 2008, she started her own unique forum called Addison's Support.  Addison's Support Forum is geared to the healthier and more active of the adrenal insufficiency crowd and  those who are interested in becoming healthier and more active.  The Addison's Support Forum's philosophy revolves around sharing medical information to back up our experiences.

Via adrenal insufficiency forums, Ms. Hardman has become widely available to others with Addison’s disease for talking through adrenal insufficiency information.  A decade of researching her own conditions of adrenal insufficiency and hypothyroidism has prepared her to help you to find a path to health.